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What do we help you  protect?

We love to design with our clients protection strategies for their creations, through the various figures that the related Laws, as well as the International Treaties on the matter, allow in our country and the rest of the world.


The expression intellectual rights can be used to designate the different types of subjective rights, both those of artistic creations (works of art, musicals, videograms, photography and literary), to authors of inventions, to industrialists and merchants who use signs distinctive to identify your products and services against your competitors, generating with them intangible and economic values ​​that will be incorporated into your company in due course (trade names, brands, patents, commercial notices, “trade dress”).


Intellectual rights can be divided into two large sectors:


Intellectual property (copyright, literary and artistic).


Industrial property, all creations that are related to industry (patents and utility models, distinctive signs and designs).

The  Industrial Property  is the legal protection that can be inventions, industrial designs, trademarks and other distinctive signs. With its protection, the exclusive right is acquired to exploit a sign that protects a creation or distinguishes products and / or services from others of the same kind, through a patent or registered trademark.


The  Intellectual Property  safeguarding creations related works, patents, databases, or software.


«Owning the intellectual property is like owning land: You need to keep investing in it again and again to get a payoff; you can’t simply sit back and cellect rent.«

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