Invention patents are all human creation that allows the transformation of matter or energy that exists in nature, for its use and to satisfy specific needs.


The protection granted to this type of intellectual creations finds legal support in the following legal figures:


Patent : Right of exclusivity that is conferred by the creation of an invention that is considered new, that has inventive activity and that has industrial application, granting 20 years of protection.


Utility Model : it is the exclusive right for the protection of objects, utensils, devices or tools, which as a result of a modification in their arrangement, configuration, structure or form, present a different function with respect to the parts that make it up or advantages as to its usefulness.


Industrial Design : Protection of Industrial Drawings and Industrial Models, within which we find lines, patterns, textile designs and even textures.



The technical team of our firm has been dedicated throughout its professional career, in the public sector and the private initiative to the preparation, processing, obtaining, administration, conservation and protection of the rights of Patents, Utility Models, Industrial Designs.

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