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M IP& Innovation

Pillars of the Method


Design Thinking


Lego Serious Play


Lean Startup

M IP & Innovation, we are a firm that offers business consulting services and legal consulting specialized in Industrial Property. We base our business consulting on the structuring of companies using our own methodology, which is based on various pillars of innovation, such as Design Thinking, Lean Start Up, Lego® and the theory of change.

We have more than 18 years of experience advising companies from all industrial sectors, designing strategies for the protection and defense of their industrial property, as well as 8 years focused on incubation and business development, using various incubation and acceleration vehicles, among them the development of franchises.

We make corporate innovation easier by uniting large corporations with the brightest startups – all of this to increase operational efficiency, lower costs, find new product lines, and be more innovative from the core.

We enjoy helping startups, positioned companies and people to find meaning in their business, as a Mexican saying says “everything depends on the glass you look at”, we love to see it from the glass of creativity and innovation, so we will seek the best protection strategy for their intangibles and helping them improve their processes and lines of business, thus allowing their business to take off.

The world moves fast. We help you move faster.

«Intellectual Property is the oil of the 21st century»

Mark Getty

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